The City We Need

The battle for a more sustainable future will be won or lost in cities. How we plan, build, and manage our cities now will determine the outcome of our efforts to achieve a sustainable and harmonious development tomorrow. Well-planned cities afford all residents the opportunity to lead safe, healthy, and productive lives. Well-designed cities present nations with major opportunities to promote social inclusion, resilience, and prosperity. The world is at a crossroads. In the next few decades, urban dwellers will double in number, accounting for nearly three-quarters of world’s population. More than 60 percent of the built environment needed to accommodate these new urban dwellers has yet to be built. The City We Need is the document prepared by the World Urban Campaign spelling out the parameters that are fundamental to our Urban Thinkers Campus. Read the World Urban Campaign's report,The City We Need. View the PDF.

Essential Background on Habitat III

What’s the history of the Habitat process? Click here to read the brief essay.

What exactly is Habitat III? Click here to find out.

What are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? Click here for an explanation.

What is the New Urban Agenda, and what are its expected effects? Click here to learn more.

Click here to view the calendar of events leading to Habitat III in Quito, Ecuador, next year.

More Resources

NEW Citiscope Executive Director Curtis Johnson's report on the Urban Thinkers Campus in Omaha. Click here for the link.

Report from the first Urban Thinkers Campus, held in Caserta, Italy, in 2014. View the PDF.

Nicholas You's essay Toward a Global Action Plan for Public Space. View the PDF.

This PowerPoint visually delivers the context for our Urban Thinkers Campus and how our efforts will eventually contribute to the deliberations at Habitat III in Quito, Ecuador, in October 2016. Click here to view the PowerPoint in PDF form.

Download Citiscope's Habitat III primer offering background and analysis of the first six months of work toward the New Urban Agenda. Click here for the link.

Program from the third Urban Thinkers Campus, held in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2015. View the PDF.

City Century: Why Municipalities Are the Key to Fighting Climate Change, article by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Link to online article here.

Mayors Call On President For Climate Change Action. Link to the article here.

Why cities are uniquely poised to address issues of climate change. View the online interactive graphic here.

Urban Thinkers Campus Speakers' Presentations

All of the videos from the livestreaming of the Urban Thinkers Campus have been uploaded to Vimeo. You can view them here.

W. Cecil Steward's opening video, an excerpt from HBO's The Newsroom

W. Cecil Steward's second opening video, The Lie We Live

Nicholas You's opening presentation on Habitat III Stakeholder Involvement in PDF format

Francesco Maria Orsini's video The Case of the Urabá Región: Municipal Integral Plans (PMIs): A Strategic Urban Planning Approcah to Foster Urban Consolidation in Small-Size Towns in Colombia

Camilo Restrepo Ochoa's video Medellín: Porosity and Exchange

Edmundo Werna's PowerPoint presentation Working for Urban-rural Integration: considerations on the role of labor in the development of small- and middle-sized settlements

The American Planning Association's Road to Habitat III website, which includes Talking Points on SDGs that Jeffrey Soule mentioned at our Urban Thinkers Campus, and a PDF of the APA's Sustaining Places: Best Practices for Comprehensive Plans

Jeff Soule's PowerPoint presentation Broad Thoughts on the Comprehensive plan: SDGs, Sustaining Places and the HUL

John Bartle's presentation on Municipal Finance for Sustainable Development in PDF format

Tim Kenny's PowerPoint presentation on Building Consensus for Sustainable Design

Jessica Johnston's PowerPoint presentation Regionalizing Climate Action

Jay Leighter's PowerPoint presentation Community Identity and Communication

W. Cecil Steward and Sharon Kuska's PowerPoint presentation Sustainometrics: Measuring Sustainable Conditions

W. Cecil Steward's presentation on NIFA's Quality of Life Dashboard Domains as a Word doc

Jim Powell's PowerPoint presentation Local Knowledge & Resilience in Resource-Dependent Communities

Jack Hébert's presentation Water, Food, Shelter: An Alaskan Perspective on Sustainable Communities in PDF format

NEW The Urban Thinkers Campus final report is ready and has been sent to the World Urban Campaign for incorporation into the considerations at Habitat III for the New Urban Agenda. You can download the PDF of the report here.

Gallery of Images from Urban Thinkers Campus

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