A gratifying range and number of participants have registered to attend our Urban Thinkers Campus on Monday and Tuesday next week. Registration is now full. Those of you who have been wait-listed or are unable to attend will be pleased to learn that much of the proceedings from both days will be streamed live on our page. You will be able to log in from anywhere in the world to view the following events in real time and even interact with the speakers and panelists.

These include, on Monday,
• the opening addresses by Nicholas You, Citistates and Guangzhou Institute; and W. Cecil Steward, Joslyn Institute for Sustainable Communities
• the City We Need debate with Jeff Soule, FAICP; Chuck Schroeder, Rural Futures Institute; and Andrew Rudd, UN–Habitat Urban Planning & Design Branch
• Urban Thinker Session on urban-rural interdependencies with Edmundo Werna, ILO, and Natalie Umphlett, High Plains Regional Climate Center
• Medellín: Porosity and Exchange, presented by Camilo Restrepo Ochoa, Harvard School of Design and URBAM at EAFIT in Medellín

On Tuesday, streamed events will include
• opening address by W. Cecil Steward
• Urban Thinkers Sessions on energy and food, transportation equity, urban compactness and ecosystem services. Speakers will include Chuck Hassebrook, Sandhills Wind Energy; David A. Harris, Legal Environmental Assistance Foundation; and Andrew Rudd, UN–Habitat Urban Planning and Design Branch.
• A Strategic Urban Planning Approach to Foster Urban Consolidation in Small-Size Towns in Colombia presented by Francesco Maria Orsini of URBAM at EAFIT in Medellín
• The City We Need debate with Nicholas You of Citistates and Guangzhou Institute
• Closing remarks by Nicholas You and W. Cecil Steward
Some groups have formed watch parties for parts of these proceedings, and we encourage you to do so as well. In addition, we urge you to engage via our LiveStream channel, which will have both a chat area as well as an area to ask questions of the speakers and panelists. If you are an avid Tweeter, please join in by incorporating the #UrbanThinkersOmaha hashtag in your comments and questions.

Find pertinent links on this PDF:

LiveStream videos will be archived and available to view at a later date. Links will be posted here when they are available after the conference.